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Has Dizaei debacle led to more problems for black officers?

Liverpool BPA head Vinny Tomlinson is resigning after accusing chief officers

In the aftermath of the media onslaught against the Black Police Association following the Ali Dizaei affair, Liverpool’s black coppers are claiming a new wave of institutional racism.

The head of Merseyside’s Black Police Association (BPA), Vinny Tomlinson, announced that he will resign in protest at “race-related bullying and coercion” inside the police.

The BPA in Greater Manchester have previously complained about their force too.

Last month MPs and sections of the media questioned the BPA’s right to exist, however the latest developments in Merseyside will be seen in some quarters as proof that racism still pervades Britain’s police and an organisation is needed to campaign for improvements.

The Liverpool Echo reports:

Mr Tomlinson insisted that racism still existed within Merseyside Police and said he was leaving due to what he perceived as moves to decimate the BPA by senior bosses.

One female police civilian told the ECHO she twice tried to commit suicide after suffering “overt racism”.

While Liverpool’s chief officers claim they remain “committed to rooting out all forms of racism and discrimination”, questions will no doubt be asked about the level of institutional racism across the UK’s police forces.

The Metropolitan BPA recently ended a recruitment boycott after they saw greater progress to tackling such issues in Scotland Yard, however in the aftermath of Dizaei, some observers might worry that the small step forward could be followed by several steps back.

By Lester Holloway


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