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Anti-facists stand up to extremists outside parliament

English Defence League are currently on Westminster's College Green

A demonstration against the far right English Defence League is continuing outside the Houses of Parliament.

The racist outfit are believed to have around 600 supporters on College Green, opposite the Lords, despite promising a turnout 1,000 protesters to “defend” Dutch extremist politician Geert Widers, who is in Britain to screen is “hate film” attacking Muslims.

The UAF counter-demonstration (pic: Twitter Pics)

A counter-demonstration organised by United Against Fascism, is also in Westminster. Police have split the UAF protesters into two separate groups and arrested around 20 anti-racists.

One eye-witness, Richard Sudan, 27, of Selhurst in south London, was shocked to see an officer strike a protester over the head with a truncheon as people moved from Westminster Square onto the road. He told OBV Blog: ‘You could hear the thud, it was awful.’

EDL supporters outside the Lords entrance earlier this afternoon.

Police stopped traffic as the 300-strong UAF demo effectively prevented the far right from moving. EDL supporters had earlier been witness chanting anti-Muslim slogans outside the Tate Gallery, in Millbank.

Marcos, a King’s university student, said: “We want to stop the EDL march. We want to show our very vocal opposition to what the EDL and BNP stand for. They want to run riot through Whitechapel and Finsbury Park, like they did in Luton and Stoke. We can’t let that happen.”

Earlier in the day, Weyman Bennett from UAF, had urged anti-racists to turn up. ‘We are asking anyone who can to come and show the EDL that we are very happy with London and proud of our multicultural city. We don’t need Geert Wilders or the thugs of the EDL trying to cause violence and division.’

More EDL supporters (pic: Richard Sudan)

By Lester Holloway


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