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Mail prints pictures of 44 black and Asian faces for one story – and it’s positive!

Newspaper treats story fairly, but readers comments are another matter

The Mail on Sunday profiled the Conservative’s 44 candidates from BME backgrounds, who they call “Obama Army.” The label may be every bit as cringe-worthy as “Cameron’s Cuties” – which seems to apply to every Tory woman under 40 – but the intention is there, it seems.

The MoS’ weekly sister paper, the Daily Mail, has followed up with a piece headlined “Tory drive to raise ethnic MP quota if Cameron wins election.” Closer inspection reveals no such “quota”. It’s merely a reference to the fact that the numbers of black and Asian MPs will rise as a result of the Tory selections.

A cursory look at the reader comments underneath both stories suggests that many of the Conservative’s traditional constituency remain unconvinced by the transition to a more diverse set of candidates. But we remain hopeful that such scepticism is short-lived.

Once they see the quality of the new MPs, and watch them rise through the parliamentary ranks – possibility into government – then hopefully the last bastions of resistance will break down.



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  1. I agree with Lester. As soon as Black or Asian MPs campaign on issues important to local people, old barriers will fall.

    People will not care what colour their MP is when helping them to stop a runway being built over their farm, which has been there for five generations.

    There is a real change going on in The Conservatives. While holding true to Conservative values, the party has managed to enfranchise many voters who were annoyed at Labour’s arrogance in thinking they had a monopoly over Black / Asian votes.

    Imran Khan

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