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You looking at my English bird?, asks BNP chief

The BNP's legal officer dislikes foreign birds coming to Britain

“Alien Invaders” reads the headline on the blog of a top British National Party official. Only this time they’re not taking about immigrants, but about foreign birds and plants… coming over here, upsetting the traditional British wildlife.

Could the BNP’s chief legal officer Lee John Barnes‘ dislike of ‘non-British’ species be at all related to his sentiments about people?

In another post, Barnes highlights a newspaper article expressing concern over the Ruddy Duck, a north American species that has taken to Britain’s lakes and is said to be ‘aggressive’ towards other pond-dwellers such as Moorhens.

He also seems to have a grudge against Grey Squirrels, Rose-Ringed Parakeets and Japanese Knotweed. Presumably he favours ‘traditional’ English birds like the Cuckoo, the Great Bustard, and of course the Great Tit.

While there are sound environmental reasons for analysing the impact of new bird and plant species – and to take action where they are disrupting the eco-system, it is highly likely that Barnes’ obsession with ‘foreign’ wildlife in Britain is merely an extension of the BNP’s attitude towards human migration.

The BNP’s leader Nick Griffin has already expressed bizarre views on the environment during the recent climate change summit. It all goes to show that the BNP are truly away with the birds.

By Lester Holloway



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  1. Lee John Barnes is a very strange character. He is occasionally to be seen on Conservative Home ranting and raving incoherently. As for the Ruddy Duck – apparently it is a rapist.

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