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Woolley named ‘Prime Minister’ by Voice

The Voice imagines who would be in a black cabinet

The Voice newspaper’s front page imagines what an African and Caribbean government of Britain would look like – and they’ve made OBV’s Simon Woolley the Prime Minister.

The front page

Their ‘black fantasy government’ also includes mobile phone entrepreneur Mo Ibrahim as the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Considering that Ibrahim’s foundation gives large amounts of money away (to retired African leaders in an attempt to encourage good governance), we’re sure the public would love to have Ibrahim at the Treasury.

Ex-Labour MP Oona King – now head of diversity at Channel 4 – is the fantasy Home Secretary, and the man known as the ‘black farmer’, Tory candidate Wilfred Emmanuel Jones, is appropriately enough Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The paper has given the defence portfolio to Archbishop John Sentamu; an interesting choice given Britain is fighting two wars at the moment. We can’t imagine a man of the cloth wanting responsibility for killing people.

Making OBV director Woolley our Prime Minister, the Voice says: “A tireless campaigner for credible black British role models, Woolley has the kudos to restore political confidence and represents the ideal rallying point for apathetic voters.

“Woolley has never rested on his laurels and the nation needs a leader who will roll up his sleeves and get on with making the country the haven of equality it purports to be.”

While the article is no doubt intended to be somewhat light-hearted, it underlines the respect that OBV has across the political spectrum for its hard work pushing parties to become more diverse and running schemes that help BME talent get into parliament, council chambers and magistrates benches.

The Voice invites its readers to volunteer new names for their black cabinet by emailing yourviews@gvmedia.co.uk
Elsewhere in the Voice, Woolley announces a partnership with the newspaper to improve BME voter engagement.

Woolley writes: “I am delighted to be in partnership with The Voice in launching an historic voter campaign with Operation Black Vote. Along with the black churches we intend to target the registration of those in our community who remain outside the democratic framework.”

And in his column as the Voice’s chief political commentator, Lee Jasper spells out exactly why readers should use their vote in the coming general and local elections.

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