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Race test for business

Businesses have used psychometric testing for decades, but a new online test to weed out racists could now be available for equality-conscious bosses.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

The Department for Work and Pensions is developing the 10-minute bias quiz with Ernst & Young after a “sting operation” last year found that employers were far less likely to offer interviews to applicants with Asian or African names.”

As the paper points out, a DWP study in October last year found evidence of widespread employer bias against ‘ethnic’ sounding names in job applications.

Of course this was no surprise to many people, who know that whatever the rhetoric about a post-racial society, race discrimination remains alive and kicking.

Surprisingly the Telegraph hasn’t lit the reactionaries’ touch-paper, so we can only assume they simply missed the story! However, it is clear that something needs to be done to combat prejudice in the job market.

The idea of a quick test to uncover prejudices sounds worth exploring, not just because it is in the interests of equality, but because failure to hire and promote Black talent has a negative effect on business.

It makes economic sense to be colour-blind, as hiring the best talent irrespective of background benefits the bottom line.



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