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Top OBV Blog stories of 2009

Since the launch of this blog in July 2009, it’s been an exciting few months. These are the top ten stories since this site began, a little over five months ago.

1. Update! A great face for radio (An early story, published in July, about the lack of diversity among BBC Radio 4 presenters. It was picked up by the Guardian’s Media supplement and the same paper’s Diary column. A meeting between OBV’s Simon Woolley and Radio 4 controller Mark Damazer followed)

2. Web wonder Shafi takes on Twitter Czar (From December – this story about Conservative candidate Adeela Shafi has been circulating – appropriately enough – on Twitter)

3. Why Rod Liddle is a racist (From December. We delve into the past writings of the Spectator and Sunday Times columnist)

4. Israel’s black lockdown (This short blog item, from July, about a story in The Voice newspaper has proven surprisingly popular)

5. Black WWII soldiers – forgotten again (Published in September)

6. Dousing the fire of hate (Aisha Hassan’s article on the case of Marwa Ali El-Sherbini, murdered in a German courtroom. Published in August)

7. Lessons for the BNP on black military history (Patrick Vernon looks back at the contribution of Commonwealth servicemen and women. Published in October)

8. Simon Woolley appointed to Equalities Commission (OBV’s Director becomes a Commissioner at the EHRC. Published in November)

9. BNP leaflets will go undelivered (Postal workers union leader Billy Hayes delivers a message to his members. From December)

10. Resignations for Labour – a silver lining for the Tories (Winsome Grace Cornish reflects on the loss of Black Labour councillors)


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