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Brave dad of four nominated for ‘children’s champ award’

A brave youth worker who put his life on the line to protect a group of youngsters from a gang wielding knifes has been nominated for the ‘Children’s Champion.’

By Richard Sudan

Nominated for the award by his young son Sha, 42-year-old Simon Somerville was attacked maliciously by a group of around thirty thugs who stabbed him a total of 14 times – causing his heart to stop twice.

Miraculously the dad of four pulled through after spending several days in a coma, and revealed the fighting spirit that earned him success as a promising young boxer in the 1980’s.

What is remarkable is that despite the attack, Somerville a former golden gloves champion, maintains that he will continue to work with young people – and is especially keen to help the kind of young people who attacked him.

He said: “They need help, and I’d work with them. Sometimes when you’re young you get caught up in things. And when you end up inside a jail cell, who’s going to help you then?

“Once I get better I want to get out there and take helping young people to a new level. I want to take something positive out of this.”

Somerville went far beyond the call of duty in his actions to protect the young people he was taking on a trip, and his bravery was utterly selfless.

Describing the incident he explained how his only thoughts were to protect those he was safeguarding.

“We were heading towards our van when this gang of hooded young boys appeared, some of them on bikes. They started pushing my group and waving lit fireworks in their faces.

“When I saw a knife being pulled out. I got between the gang and my young people. There’s no way I wanted to be taking away young people in a body bag and it was instinctive to defend them.

“I tried to talk to this guy and asked him not to go down that road, but at that moment I was stabbed. I fell to the floor and they continued to attack me – and my group were being attacked too.”

Politicians, and senior police officers would do well to take note of Mr Somerville’s bravery. If a man who was on the receiving end of a near fatal attack chooses not to demonise all young people, then there is no reason for politicians and senior police officers to do precisely that.

If they looked at the problem through the eyes of Mr Somerville maybe they would realise that stopping and searching ten years olds, getting more armed police on the streets, and retaining the DNA of most black families in the U.K will not build any bridges anytime soon.


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  1. Articles like that should be on the front pages of the national press.
    Keep up the good work

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