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BNP leaflets will go undelivered

The extremist British National Party face the prospect of seeing their election leaflets go undelivered, the postal workers leader has warned.

Billy Hayes, who leads the Communication Workers Union, sent a reminder that his members are fully entitled to refuse to handle any BNP material.

Hayes (pictured above with OBV’s Simon Woolley) told this Blog: “The union’s position is we negotiated a conscience clause where every individual members is entitled to refuse to deliver if the find it offensive to deliver leaflets for fascist parties.”

Asked whether that could mean widespread refusal to deliver BNP leaflets, he said: “It’s quite common, yes. You don’t get many people in Stockwell [for instance] wanting to deliver BNP leaflets.”

The union leader was speaking during a visit to Operation Black Vote’s east London offices. Hayes stressed that it was important for political parties to get his members on their side, but added that he had no intention of following his predecessor into politics.

Asked if he ever tempted to follow the CWU’s former general-secretary Alan Johnson, he replied: “Only in so far as representing my members. I have no desire to be the Home Secretary just yet.”



5 Responses

  1. Makes you wonder who the real fascists are!

    • Do you understand the meaning of the word ‘fascist’?? Why do all racists call everyone who opposes them fascists?

      Not handling offensive material is a reasonable choice, not an attempt to stop free speech or overthrow the government in a bloody coup. It just means that anyone who doesn’t think it is OK to discriminate based on colour of skin and preach hatred is not required to perpetuate the BNPs hateful messages. Not fascism, conscience .

  2. Not really, kaylee:

    Please see this link about a British National Party deputy leader giving a speech to European Fascists:


  3. Definition of fascism
    A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship…

    suppression of the opposition through censorship, jeez makes you wonder doesn’t it…..

    Perhaps fighting there ideas with ideas of your own would actually give you the moral high ground instead of making you the fascist….

  4. Johnny, I think N.Jones has tackled the point you make.

    I would just add that with all the publicity the BNP are getting, its hardly credible if they continue to whinge about censorship, getting far more coverage as they do, than any other small party.

    In terms of the difference between fascists and racists, here is a perfect example: terry.fitz claims he is an anti-fascist, when really he is also a racist.

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