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Influential Muslim body condemns Warsi eggers

The influential Muslim organisation MPAC UK today condemned the men who launched an egg-attack on Conservative community cohesion spokesperson Baroness Sayeeda Warsi as “ignorant bigots.”

You can view the BBC video of Lady Warsi being pelted with eggs here, as she was on a walk-about in Luton, Bedfordshire, yesterday.

Lady Warsi, previously named Britain’s most powerful Muslim woman in Britain, confronted a group of Muslim men but was shouted down by them. The men are believed to be members of the banned group Al Muhajiroon led by lawyer Anjem Choudary.

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC UK) launched a stinging condemnation of the men on their website under the headline: “Arrest the scum that attacked Warsi.” MPAC UK wrote:

Not only did these ignorant bigots, not have the intelligence to argue their case against a Muslim sister, like cowards they tried to humiliate her by pelting her with eggs and then went on to a tirade accusing her of not being a good enough Muslim. Of course they ended up humiliating the whole Muslim community.

“These walking parasites must be stopped. Over the last 15 years they have done everything they possibly can to demonise the Muslims, now they have crossed the line.”

Lady Warsi refused to be ushered away by her minders after being hit by at least one egg as she walked along Dunstable Road in the Bury Park area of Luton. One in five of Luton’s 200,000 population is Muslim.

Afterwards she said: “These men are a bunch of idiots who do not represent the wider Muslim community. I stood up to them and challenged them to a proper debate, but they weren’t prepared to listen.”

The Daily Mail quotes the protest leader Sayful Islam saying: “I won’t condemn these people. It shows the frustration of Muslim youths in Luton. Baroness Warsi needs to be exposed. She is somebody who pretends to be a practising Muslim but from her views and statements she is clearly against Sharia.”

The website undhimmi.com was also generally unsympathetic towards Lady Warsi, writing that she got “a first-hand taste of the Islam she tries to convince the rest of us doesn’t exist.” Although the same site went on to distance itself from the “loutish, ignorant behaviour” of the protestors.

By Lester Holloway



4 Responses

  1. Good on them.

  2. I second that MFareed. Sayeeda Warsi is such a light weight mediocre MP. Plus, I don’t like the way that she is using her religion to move up the career ladder.

  3. I saw her on the Nick Griffin – Question Time ‘episode’. She came across as self serving and immature… pandering to the supposed views of the British public, looking for its confirmation. Jack Straw was as bad – childish and pointless.

  4. Really? I thought she performed quite well. The guest who bombed and would be hilariously embarassing (if his views were not so appalling) was Nick Griffin.

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