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Sam’s the man

Earlier this month we tipped Sam Gyimah, who is aiming to become an MP. It now appears his campaign is going from strength to strength.

Today, Iain Dale’s Diary comments favourably on Gyimah’s bid to become the Conservative candidate in the rock-solid seat of Gosport. Dale says:

He’s been very clever with his Google marketing, as if you search for two of the other candidates, James Bethell and Caroline Dineage, the first site to come up is that of Sam Gyimah himself!

“PS Just for the record, the posting of this story does not mean I endorse Sam Gyimah for the seat. I know him a little and he would be an excellent candidate, but I also have a soft spot for Julia Manning, who I got to know in the Bracknell process.”

Gyimah does indeed have an excellent website, and is making full use of the new media, where you can catch his performance in a local candidate hustings meeting (see picture above).

Judging by the videos of the event, it looks like he performed well; confident, knowledgeable and knowing when to inject that touch of humour into proceedings. The local Portsmouth newspaper reports:

Two of the candidates – James Bethell and Sam Gyimah – have both moved to the area since it was announced they were in the final four. They’ve been staying in local hotels and spending almost every day out on the streets.”

Gyimah – who was first tipped for success by the New Nation newspaper last year – is on a shortlist of four people and is competing in an American-style primary contest for the right to wear the blue rosette as the prospective candidate for the south coast town.

Looks like he’s going down a storm there. We’ll keep you posted.

By Lester Holloway


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