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Facebook slam racist spoof

The Facebook networking site has slammed pranksters who set up a racist spoof called “niggbook.”

By Lester Holloway

Web users were shocked last night when a site modelled on Facebook appeared using mock-ebonics language. Discussion forums condemned the site as “disgusting” before the people behind the spoof removed it from the internet this morning.

Facebook told OBV Blog that they considered niggbook.com to be “offensive”, and confirmed they had launched an investigation into who was responsible.

Facebook spokesperson Sophy Silver said: “Although people might think it is affiliated with us, of course it isn’t. The site is down now but we definitely find it offensive.

“It isn’t affiliated with us, and we’re investigating. We can’t say more since we can’t actually see the site.”

People signing up to niggbook were asked to classify themselves as “pimps” (male) or “bitches” (female). The site attracted over one hundred members in the few short hours it was online.

The front-page carried the message “Niggbook helps ya connect an’ share wiff da peeps in yo’ life. Brace yourself foo’!” The sign-up section added: “It’s free an’ nigga can join!”

The Black Council group on Facebook slammed niggbook as “a festival of ignorance.” On another discussion forum one user, kikkit, commented: “It is crap and disgusting and racist and whoever started it should be jailed.”

It is possible the punk’d pranksters behind the site took it down to avoid legal action from Facebook, however other spoofs broadly modelled on Facebook like this one still exist.


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