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There’s always one…

News that a Sikh has joined the British National Party is not such a surprise when you consider that the man in question has been associated with the far right outfit for many years.

Rajinder Singh (pictured above) may have become the BNP’s first non-white member, but this report shows that was running “Asian Friends of the BNP” a long time ago.

There is no evidence to suggest this group is more than a very small handful of people, and our information is that Rajinder Singh was run out of online Sikh forums because users found his views so abhorrent. He is simply not taken seriously.

As the Independent reports today, Dr Indarjit Singh of the Network of Sikh Organisations points out today: “Sikhism stresses equality for all human beings”, clearly implying that Rajinder Singh was following his anti-Muslim prejudices at the expense of the values of his religion.

Opposing the BNP

His long rambling interview on “BNP TV”  (YouTube) shows that he motivations are entirely connected with the death of his father during the India/Pakistan partition, with no thought given to what the BNP actually represent.

But as this article by the Institute for Race Relations suggests, the BNP have long tried and failed to gain more support from Sikhs as part of  their anti-Islam stance, but have never got any further than a few individuals, mainly just Rajinder Singh and another man called “Ammo Singh” (not his real name, apparently).

The Black In Blue blog claims that Rajinder Singh gave Nick Griffin a character reference at a trial (the BNP leader has been prosecuted twice for racial hatred).

Sadly there will always been the odd Black or ethnic minority person who supports the BNP, or even stands for election, but if Griffin believes he can manipulate isolated mavericks to claim his party is not racist he is fooling no one.

Well, maybe apart from the media who are only too eager to report “Sikhs Join BNP!” (including appearances on BBC 4’s Today programme), when the reality is quite different.

By Lester Holloway


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  1. Rajinder Singh cannot call himself a Sikh. He fails to uphold the basic principle of Sikhism which is to care and love humanity. Sikh scriptures include the teachings of both muslim and hindu faiths.

    Rajinder Singh represents someone who has long been trying to seek any form of publicity, and unfortunately his actions have allowed him to do so.

    I speak for myself as a Sikh and I speak for the Sikhs I know as my friends and family that the Sikhs day no to the bnp.

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