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Update! Racist email councillor resigns

We reported on Friday that a Conservative councillor who sent racist emails had been suspended by Tory HQ. It’s now being reported that he has resigned his membership of the party.


It’s to David Cameron’s credit that he has suspended a Conservative councillor whose racist email was exposed by a blogger earlier today.

In line with the recent trend for bloggers breaking important political stories, Duncan Borrowman published leaked emails from Councillor Peter Hobbins (pictured above).

The Tory in question is a former parliamentary candidate who entered the contest to be London mayoral candidate, a race that was of course won by Boris Johnson.

Hobbins was uncontactable today, but here are some of his comments:

I really don’t want to read another cv about Africa. Not one of them has a ‘normal’ English name…. For hells sake. Why are Candidates Department so keen on these foreign names?!!!! … Maybe I should change my name to something foreign – how does Petrado Indiano Hobbinso sound to you?”

The leaked email

The context to this is the vacancy for Conservative MP for Orpington  following the retirement of sitting MP John Horam.

We reported earlier this week that London Assembly Member for Bromley, James Cleverly, is eyeing up the opportunity.

Hobbins, who appears to have an important role in the Orpington Conservative Association, is responding to the “foreign” hopefuls who have been contacting the local party.

We’re glad that the Tory high command have taken swift action in suspending Hobbins. But if he is as guilty of making racist remarks as it seems, he should be kicked out of the party altogether.

By Lester Holloway



2 Responses

  1. Depending on the circulation of the e-mail, it maybe that the matter should be referred to the Commission for Equality and Human Rights and/or the Metropolitan Police Service for investigation.

  2. I would like to know why anyone is actually buying into the fallacy that the conservative party is a party that supports the furthering of equality for all in Britain. At the core of the Conservative Party lies the same racist agenda that they were known for up until this so called shift, which is a veneer thay has been carefully crafted by fine PR.

    If we need evidence to support the true racist stance of the Conservative Party- we only need to take a look at their position within Europe, and the fact that they have aligned themselves with the far right parties in the European Parliament. Yet, we continue to be hoodwinked into believing that this is a party that has any real space for Black people.

    I urge Black people to WAKE UP!! get real- don’t let us think that because we may have specific conservative views- i.e. pertaining to family, faith, even enterprise and business, that the Tory party is for you. Because it IS NOT!! Stories such as the one above should only serve as further confirmation of this truth.

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