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Top stories of the week

Most-ReadThese are the most read stories on OBV Blog over the past week (9th to 15th November 2009)

1. Brother in arms (First Black Cabinet minister Paul Boateng joins arms firm)

2. Stop the deselections says BAME Labour (Ahmed Shahzad expresses concern about the axing of sitting Black councillors)

3. Commonwealth MPs say Britain should learn from them (Visiting parliamentarians deliver their verdict on Britain’s democracy)

4. Is it right to beat a child? (A new film and a stage comedy explore the rights and wrongs of physical discipline)

5. Israel’s black lockdown (Surprise re-emergence of this story from July)

6. Getting a wooden head in advertising (Controversy over a chocolate bar advert)

7. Haley’s comet flies out of Labour’s orbit (Second week in the top ten for this story about a leading councillor ditched by his party)

8. Devon knows why they can’t agree (Is Exeter as racist as actress thinks?)

9. Black WWII soliders – forgotten again (Ever-popular blog from September)

10. Secret inquest for Azelle Rodney shooting? (Government force through proposals to exclude public, press and even families from new secret inquests)


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