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Murder most foul

Marwa-El-SherbiniJustice has prevailed with the jailing of Marwa al-Sherbini’s murderer, but will the sentence prevent this type of tragedy in the future asks Richard Sudan

Alexander Wiens, 28, a Russian born German national was given the harshest possible sentence last Wednesday following the fatal stabbing of a pregnant Egyptian in a German court. (See an OBV Blog article from August).

Upon sentencing the murderer, the judge ruling from a Dresden courtroom said that because of the nature of the crime the Wiens would not be eligible for early parole.

Marwa al-Sherbini, who was heavily pregnant at the time of her death was stabbed 16 times, and her husband who tried to defend her was also injured in what many are convinced was a racially motivated attack, indicative of underlying prejudice still evident in German society.

The tragedy evoked outrage from across the Muslim World as while many convinced the attack was born out of a hatred for Muslim people, were enraged at what they believed a slow response from the German authorities.

This anger culminated in continuing demonstrations outside of the court, until the sentence was handed out by the judge on Wednesday.

Maria Bohmer, a German official who deals with matters concerning immigration in Germany commented on the outcome of the case that: “The message is there is no place for xenophobia in our country.”

Despite international interest in the case, presiding Judge Birgit Weigand, made clear in a statement the verdict was a result of justice prevailing in Germany, and that the outcome of the case was not a reflection of the German penal system caving in to international pressure.

Weins’ lawyers are preparing to appeal the outcome on the grounds that the attack by Weins was not premeditated, and was not by nature a result of his own disdain for Muslims despite the trial taking place initially because of insults being directed by Weins at the family for sometime.

Concern has been voiced across the board regarding the origin and horrific nature of this tragedy.


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