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What a year it’s been

barack-obamaOne year on from his historic election, Barack Obama has started to change the world. Simon Woolley looks back on the past 12 months

One year on, the name Barack Obama has already become synonymous with hope, not just because it was a Presidential campaign slogan, but rather because of what he has set out to do and what he has already achieved.

It was in the spirit of hope backed by intent of purpose that the prestigious Noble prize committee bestowed President Obama with its highest prize, much to the disgruntle of Obama’s persistent critics.

Reflecting on last year’s monumental Presidential elections and how in particularly the Black world was moved by his success, I’m mindful of how that ‘Obama crest of a wave’ is still very strong and meaningful here in the UK today. Admiration for the achievements of this man has not waned.

On how he is quietly changing the world order for a better place you need look no further than the first gathering since the near genocide of native Americans of all their leaders, organised by President Obama.

In his opening remarks that received a standing ovation and brought tears to the eyes of the Native Indian elders, the President stated: ‘You will not be forgotten whilst I’m the President of America’.

Long live this President, and happy birthday from Black Britain.

By Simon Woolley



One Response

  1. I agree Simon. His lasting legacy will outshine those right-wing critics who would attack him with the ways we are used to. And we should note that just because the same right-wing critics that say he no longer carries the torch of hope, it does not make it so. His achievements will outlive their empty sentiments. No one is more mindful or better equipped for the challenges ahead than Obama himself.

    He has come this far and proved them wrong. He will continue to be progressive and fulfill the expectations we have of him. No one is more mindful or better equipped for the challenges ahead than Obama himself.

    Well done Mr President

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