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Top stories of the week

Most-ReadThese are the top ten stories on this blog over the past week 26th October to 1st November 2009

1 = Inspiration overflow at BHM finale (Coverage of Operation Black Vote’s Black History Month event last week)

1 = Lessons for the BNP on black military history (Second week in the top ten for Patrick Vernon!)

3. Channel 4 race for cover (Reflections and reactions to C4’s race and science season so far)

4. What? Another last taboo? (Article on C4’s race and science season)

5.  R4 Today making no Cents (50 Cent given prime slot on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme… as a successful businessman)

6. Phillips promises race champions in his equalities watchdog (Exclusive report on Trevor Phillips reorganising the Equality and Human Rights Commission)

7 = “Recession could lose a generaion of black talent” (Senior civil servant warns about effects of downturn)

7 = Resignations for Labour – a silver lining for Tories (Former senior policeman David Michael the latest to resign from Labour)

9. Protest at “smear campaign” (Trouble in Tower Hamlets)

10. Daniel De Gale will always be an inspiration (This item was written three weeks ago, but makes it into top ten for first time)


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