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Malik says he was singled out unfairly

EE-header-tormentEastern Eye have an exclusive with MP Shahid Malik in which he describes the “devastating” impact of the expenses scandal and bemoans the lack coverage after a review cleared him of wrongdoing

It’s the first interview that the Labour MP for Dewsbury has given on the subject of expenses since he was forced to step down from his job as Communities minister at the height of the expenses firestorm. He was later reinstated to government after the review.


This week's Eye

In the interview, Malik says: “The media are happy to hang people but Sir Thomas Legg [who investigated MPs expenses] concluded I was in the clear. Little coverage was given to that.”

He added: “I was surprised I was focussed on when MPs around me [including] Barry Sheerman and Mary Creagh spent almost the same. That was what they were entitled to do under the rules, but there was no media outside their front door. People can draw their own conclusions from that.”

Indeed they can. The casual observer will have noticed that Baroness Pola Uddin also came in for an almighty pasting in the press, but on the scale of things she had claimed much less than many of her colleagues in the Upper House who more or less escaped attention.

In the words of KRS One: but ask yourself, why is that?

By Lester Holloway


One Response

  1. 1. Because neither Sheerman or Creagh were / are junior ministers and thus less of a scalp;
    2. Because being cleared is less newsworthy in the eyes of the media; and
    3. Because of the particular nature of the Baroness’s claim, not the amount. Especially living in social housing whilst claiming fees on another property.

    By in large we’re in agreement about biased and duplicitous reporting. On this occasion, particularly Baroness Uddin, I don’t know if would have used these examples. However, if the Baroness has been cleared I will concede.

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