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R4 Today making no Cents

Fiddy-BBC-TodayIt’s rare that Radio 4’s Today programme interviews a successful Black businessman or women, so it was perplexing to find 50 Cent given a top slot on Britain’s premier radio news show this morning

You can listen to Fiddy’s full nine and a half minute interview with Evan Harris here.

There he is, in his role as a “successful businessman”, talking about his past life dealing drugs, getting shot and generally being a gangster.

I can’t recall even private equity tycoon Damon Buffini making an appearance on Today, much less any entrepreneur of colour being given the prime interview slot.

While Home County chums like Harris are no doubt fascinated by what’s going down in the ghetto, the fact that the only wealthy Black man they have profiled is 50 Cent just says it all really.

By Lester Holloway



One Response

  1. Depressing but not surprising. The BBC seems to have gone down the ratings at any cost route these days. Odd given they have no financial motive to serve really. That they are publicly funded should mean they can do the kind of programming in a way that commercial ones can’t because of market constraints.

    With things like this, the rise of reality shows and last weeks Question Time I find it hard to see what point the license fee is? Isn’t it time to privatise the BBC and be done with it..?

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