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Protest at ‘smear campaign’

rania-khanAn east London councillor is complaining after being “smeared” by photos showing her dancing with a bellydancer

The East London Advertiser has reported how Tower Hamlets councillor Rania Khan has been the target of hate mail to try and destroy her political career.

Pictures show her without her headscarf dancing alongside a bellydancer have been circulated among local mosques. The paper reported:

Cllr Khan, 26, who normally only takes off her headscarf when she is with other women or male family members, was unhappy about the photographs being taken.

Those behind the letter were trying to smear her political reputation by twisting things, she said, and making out she is setting a bad example in the community.

The letter asks: “Is this the new face of New Labour or New Danger!”

Cllr Khan said she had “never experienced the kind of dirty politics” seen in Tower Hamlets anywhere else.



2 Responses

  1. I remember being at the Student Respect conference Sun 3 Dec 2006 With George Galloway MP, Yvonne Ridley, Cllr Rania Khan. Britain after Blair this is where this respect councillor Rania Khan attacked Nu Labour there ministers and the government even attacking her own MP Jim Fitzpatrick quiet vehemently
    The same Fitzpatrick who On Sunday the 9th of August, this year Jim Fitzpatrick, the MP for Poplar & Canning Town, who was invited to a constituent’s wedding.
    He attended with his wife and was informed that it was a segregated wedding he decided to abruptly rush out to vent his anger. At no point did Jim Fitzpatrick approach his hosts and request them to accommodate his wishes.
    After the incident Mr Fitzpatrick went on to politicise the event. He has gone to the national media to condemn the LMC for adhering to Islamic segregation principles.
    According to the Minister, segregation of the sexes harms social cohesion! This is simply amazing and astounding behaviour by a Government Minister who represents a very substantial Muslim minority in his constituency.
    So I am really confused that Cllr Khan who was elected into a party that went along with all she used to stand for.

    Looks to me that she used the Respect party to get elected then once a better offer for a nice little well paid council post was on offer from the Nu Labour council that she attacked on so many occasions she swung to a totally immoral way of furthering her career,

    Don’t get me wrong I find it totally unacceptable that photos were taken of her belly dancing on a table with her hijbad off and passed on, this was Not a nice thing to do especially when only the week before she was criticised in the local paper for walking out of a council meeting to pray as it was her prayer time to me she must try to make a decision on what is really important to her

    Is it her Careerist path ? her religion or just a media hog’? not much between them all really because she would not have joined a party like she has.

    have you heard the story of the little boy who cried wolf !!

  2. Go for it Rania. Nothing wrong with letting your Hijab down every now and again. My wife dances with family and friends all the time. In a Halal setting, its ok. Rebut your critics back my girl. I bet they watch porn in secret – at least you had your other clothes on.

    Like Salsa, Belly dancing too, is an Arabic style dance enjoyed all over the world.

    Lets face it, you did nothing wrong, your religon does not forbid you from having a dance (We found no verse of the Quran forbidding music or dancing).

    When Muhammad Pbuh, entered the city of Madina, the whole populus danced and palyed drums to welcome him – nothing contraversial. He never told the Arabs (some were Christian, Jew & Muslim) to stop the celebration or music.

    We all support you and hope you will visit our Health Project soon.

    Like the others, I don’t think it was clever to send pics of you without you permission. Other than that, who cares? You’ve got my vote, and that’s for sure.

    Personally, I think the Tories are behind this, coz some new babe called Sobina is trying to stand as a Cllr in your ward. Who knows, only Allah does. Say hi to your mum from us and see you soon. XX

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