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Most read stories of the week

Most-ReadHere are the top ten posts on this site over the past week (19th to 25th October 2009)

1.Labour’s pledge on Black representation (BAME Labour claim the government will “ban” the BNP and create more Black peers)

2. Lessons for the BNP on Black military history (Patrick Vernon explores the contribution of the Commonwealth to the war effort)

3. Malcolm X’s sexuality is not the main point of Black History Month – get over it! (A response to Peter Tatchell’s annual October articles on this subject)

4. Reaction to Question Time (Key figures give their verdict on the controversial show featuring Nick Griffin)

5. OBV launch women’s leadership scheme (Councillors Shadowing Scheme gets off to a flyer)

6. BBC don’t realise how un-representative the BNP is (The far right party do not represent the white working classes, experts argue)

7. Opportunity lost (Coverage and reaction to the appearance of Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg at a ‘Speakers Conference’ on the issue of political under-representation)

8. Celebrating achievement, building on success (MPs celebrate Black History Month)

9. Diversity key to media future (Sky News presenter Marverine Cole on her journey to the top)

10. BNP only partially exposed (OBV’s Simon Woolley tells a Guardian podcast that Question Time only scratched the surface of the BNP’s racism)


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