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Reaction to Question Time

Shazia AwanOBV Blog tested reaction to Nick Griffin’s controversial appearance on BBC’s Question Time, and the consensus was that the far right leader had exposed himself as a “nasty racist thug”

By Angela Hinds

Yesterday’s Question Time pulled in eight million viewers, and today led Griffin to claim he had faced a “lynch mob.” But many who watched last night’s programme thought the British National Party leader had simply come across as nasty and ignorant.

Broadcaster and history teacher Geoff Schumann said: ‘What Question Time did was to highlight how very shallow and insincere he is. Nick Griffin and the BNP need this type of exposure to highlight their total ignorance. Their rhetoric is based on insecurity and fear. In times of economic recession, a scapegoat is always needed.’

Griffin's now infamous grin

The now infamous grin

Conservative parliamentary candidate Shazia Awan (pictured above) went further. ‘Basically he is an absolute Fascist and nasty racist thug’, she said.

The BNP had recently posted Shazia’s picture on their website, which receiving lots of offensive comments urging the British born and raised women to “go back to her own country.”

During his appearance on Question Time Nick Griffin described a past leader of the Ku Klux Klan, an organisation responsible for racist attacks in America as ‘non violent’, and refused to clarify his stance as a Holocaust denier. He also described homosexual men as “creepy” and criticised Islam.

There were scuffles as hundreds of protesters converged outside the BBC studios in West London whilst filming took place. Six arrests were made.


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  1. I attended the rally at around 6pm. There were about 500 – 1000 peple there, but I don’t think there were more than 50 back and Asian people combined.

    It was a poor showing from these communities given the desrie of the BNP to rid us of our right to stay here.

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