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BNP only partially exposed – Woolley

PodcastToday’s newspapers blasted Nick Griffin’s performance on Question Time last night, but speaking on a Guardian podcast debate Operation Black Vote’s Simon Woolley said the BNP had still not been properly exposed

Woolley reflected on BBC’s Question Time, saying that the flagship programme had merely scratched the surface of the far right party’s true nature.

Fleet Street concluded that Griffin had been blown out of the water on his views about the Holocaust, and attending a meeting with Klu Klux Klan leader David Duke.

But Woolley said that there was much more about the British National Party which needed to be exposed.


The Sun today

Speaking on the podcast debate, he said: ‘I wish it could have gone ahead in a different format so that he could have been throughly scrutinised.

‘I suspected it would be a circus, and I’m sadden to say that it was a circus. I dont think it shed any light on how odious they were.

‘I think it is an delusion to have that kind of format and think you can get to the nooks and crannies of really imporant issues.’

Listen to the podcast here

4 Responses

  1. I totally agree with you Simon. The scrutiny of Nick Griffin on Question Time yesterday was so lightweight and superficial that it exposed very little.

    How are ethnic minorities such a threat, when we only make up approximately 8% of the British population?! Plus we’re mainly concentrated in urban areas and very few of us live in white middle England.

    Someone should have raised the point in regards to how the UK heavily relies on International trade. With large international Japanese/Chinese/Indian/ Middle Eastern companies heavily investing in the UK economy … racism in theory should be defunct. These trans-national companies like Sony, Honda, Nissan (and their highly skilled/paid workforce) can shut down their UK operations and relocate as they have no allegiance to Britain. Where would that leave the British economy?

    Plus wasn’t it MUSLIM Arab money that saved BRITISH banks like Barclay’s et al. Arab money is also heavily invested in football clubs, how come nobody raised issues like this… where the relationship between Britain and “foreigners” is reciprocal. One needs the other!

    I would like to know Nick Griffins views in regards to these issues. The BBC should have made these issues the main focal point in yesterday’s debate as opposed to solely focusing on immigration!

    • Given that OBV was against Griffin appearing, it isn’t surprising that Simon felt dissatisfied with the outcome. I actually think that Bonnie Greer in particularly made Griffin look foolish, and that whilst at times it did descend in to being a circus, it clearly shed some light on how odious Griffin and the BNP are.

      Some including Simon have argued this was not the best format, but I am not clear what format would be better. As Portillo pointed out on This Week, he could wriggle out of many questions in a one to one format, as he did with Nick Robinson.

      However Simon is right that you can’t get in to the nooks and crannies, although I think Question Time and particularly Bonnie Greer did at times.

      There is a need to keep exposing them, with the arguments made by some of the panellists on Thursday, and those made above.

  2. I am not clear what format would be better.

    I am, put him on Newsnight in front of Paxman. Subject him to actual scrutiny rather than the barely transparent QT circus…

  3. The performance of the panellists and the audience on QT that night amounted to nothing more than a poorly executed hatchet job on Griffin.

    To Dave from Dagenham, it just looked as though Nick Griffin was bullied.

    Terrible showing.

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