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Malcolm X’s sexuality is not the main point of Black History Month – get over it!

malcolmxIf it’s October, it must be “Malcolm X is Gay Month”, according to some public figures in Britain. MXGM is traditionally led by Peter Tatchell, who has not disappointed this year by once again dusting off his theory for The Guardian with an article entitled Malcolm X was bisexual. Get over it

This article pleased Spectator columnist Rod Liddle no end, who wrote that Malcolm X had a “dark secret.”

There are many biographies of Malcolm X, but just one, by Bruce Perry, claims that Malcolm X was bisexual. However even Perry’s claims relate only to the time when he was Malcolm Little.

However it is this work that is inevitably cited by Tatchell. Of course he is perfectly entitled to do so, and who knows, this one biography might be right. But why, oh why, must we hear the same story over and again, each Black History Month.

There are plenty of other things to write about, when it comes to BHM. There are plenty of other things to write about Malcolm X. We’ve heard the claim that Malcolm X was bisexual, now let’s move on. Get over it!

By Lester Holloway


2 Responses

  1. i doubt malcolm was bie if this is a lie ur going to hell for slander.

  2. Lester, you asked why oh why but I suspect you know the answer(s).

    I think Tatchell believes that to some (e.g. the likes of Liddle) it seems ‘sensational’.

    It means that they have an hugely high profile off-the-shelf LGBT icon to champion, and this has a secondary use: i.e. when they want to re-run their ‘homphobia in the black community’ bit again (as he does later in his piece).

    Tatchell’s main (official) gripe is that the BHM websites seem to exclude the black LGBT icons; but that LGBTHM websites do not, and that he is vexed at this perceived lack of reciprocity. Rather than ring those who administer these websites, and try to foster a solution to address this, he writes (another) critical Guardian article and sticks the homophobia boot in again.

    Then he wonders why there is no reciprocity.

    You rightly point to Perry’s book being the only source but Tatchell goes further (as evidenced by his previous article) by coming to the conclusion that Malcolm was bisexual because “His masculine insecurities and ambivalence towards women fit the archetype of a repressed gay man and point to latent homosexuality”.

    This enables him to argue that Malcolms alleged homosexual dalliances were not financially motivated.

    So based on Tatchell’s psychoanalytical interpretation of Perry’s allegations, Malcolm was bisexual. Well, seems that the BNP are the only ones guilty of shoddy scholarship this week, eh?

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