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BBC don’t realise how un-representative the BNP are

nazi-nick.gifAs the controversy over the BBC’s decision to invite far right leader Nick Griffin onto Question Time reaches its crescendo today, Anthony Painter says that the disenchanted – black and white – are being ignored by the media

Writing on Labourlist, Painter argues that Britain needs an honest debate about race, but giving a platform to the British National Party is not the way to do it. He says:

Where the US has had full public discourse, we have largely become complacent that we’re more integrated than we really are. We have spent the last few weeks talking about the BNP. Somehow the BBC manages to see the BNP as voiceless and gives it a platform. Meanwhile those who are genuinely voiceless – whether in Lewisham or Dagenham – still remain silent: the forgotten voices of British politics

Instead of amplifying the voice of those who are way too loud already, perhaps the BBC should have concentrated its energy of giving voice to those who feel ignored in Dagenham, Lewisham and elsewhere.”

This article finds echoes with other commentators who argue that the BNP is not, and never has been, the voice of the disenfranchised white working class. It is, instead, a parasite that exploits the oppressed to cynically promote it’s own agenda.

If the BNP had the interests of the marginalised white working classes at heart their elected councillors would be fighting for better services, but the reality is BNP councillors spend their time seeking to use race to make cheap political points instead of getting down to the real business of local government.

The BNP have left the residents of Dagenham even more marginalised than ever before. For Nick Griffin, his racist ideology will always come before any desire to improve the lot of his voters. They hardly matter to him.

One of the ironies of his appearance of Question Time this evening is that the BBC’s justification for inviting him – that they have many elected representatives – is not borne out by what those elected politicians have delivered. They have not been asked by the media to prove what they are actually doing for the working class, over and above stirring up racial hatred.

And such a line of questioning is highly unlikely to begin tonight.

Lester Holloway


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