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Top stories of the week

Most-ReadHere are the top stories on this blog over the past week (12th to 18th October 2009)

1. Betty Booed (An article about the defection of councillor Betty Evans-Jacas from Labour to the Conservatives)

2. Stereotypes and the chocolate factory (A blog about a controversial Cadbury’s advertising campaign)

3. Can we have the next question please? (A list of 70 key questions that Nick Griffin should be asked)

4. BNP ‘could split’ over black members case (Evidence of why the BNP could be ripped apart over a court ruling that it should accept Black people as party members)

5. Dizzee: tongue-in-cheek or simply offensive? (Dizzee Rascal appears with a troupe of blacked-up white dancers

6. Why allow the BNP on Question Time? (Columnist Roddy Newman dissects the BNP)

7. Brown praises OBV (The Prime Minister commends OBV for a voter registration campaign)

8. Leaders celebrate Diwali (The leaders of the three main parties offer their words of support to the Sikh community)

9. A clash of cymbals (A church could be forced out of business over complaints about noise)

10. EDL’s divide and rule doomed to failure (A blog about why the English Defence Leagues attempt to recruit Sikhs and Hindus in their campaign against Islam will never work)


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