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It’s Game On

KhevynSun-less Labour are the underdogs now, says Khevyn Limbajee. But if Labour promote their record on equality the party still stand a chance

The Sun don’t shine anymore – well not on Labour. It was going to happen, when going gets tough The Sun backs the front-runner. And make no mistake – we are the underdogs.

This is the toughest time for us for our Labour government and we activists know it. This is it. We’ve got to look straight ahead and take the fight to the Tories. It’s game on.

Gordon Brown’s powerful speech set out clear water between the Tories and us. He spoke with passion and eloquence: he acted in the face of the worst economic conditions since the thirties compared to a Tory “do nothing” policy.

He rightly pointed out that every major party in every major government chose to act: only the British Conservative Party would rather do nothing. Let the recession run its course is the gut instincts of the Tories.

There is a real sense that support for the Conservatives is shallow. Built around the personality of David Cameron, they have few thought out policy ideas. There is a vagueness at the heart of the Tories that we, the Labour Party, have a duty to take apart.

The essence of politics is ideas. The air in Brighton was buzzing with ideas on how we can build a better society. The Prime Minister set out new ideas from 10 000 new green job placements, to the right of constituents to recall corrupt MPs, to holding a referendum on electoral reform.

And another thing we are talking about, which doesn’t seem to be much on the Tories radar, is the equality agenda. Equality is right in the DNA of what we do and who we are.

With Harriet Harman leading the charge from the front – the Equality Bill will be fundamental and radical change to UK law and further embed equality into the DNA of the UK

No question – we are underdogs. But we’ve got a vision for a better, fairer more prosperous society for everyone in the UK and not for just the privileged few. It is very much “game on”.


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