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Join the debate!

CiFJoin the debate on the Guardian’s Comment Is Free blog about the treatment of Black politicians. Lester Holloway wrote the article (click here) following the controversy surrounding Baroness Patricia Scotland

With so few Black women in politics and their often appalling treatment at the hands of the press, it is hardly surprising that it remains difficult to encourage others to come forward and take public office.

The last few week have demonstrated this further with a fierce Daily Mail campaign focusing on the private lives of two prominent Black women Ministers – Patricia Scotland and Valerie Amos.

The Comment Is Free article today looks at the media campaign, its agenda and nasty sexist and racial undertones.

We would like to recommend this piece to you … and ask that you leave positive, constructive and useful comments to drive the debate forwards.

Join the debate – click here

2 Responses

  1. I seek space on your blog to draw attention and solidarity in a campaighn to undo an act of Institutiona Discromkination tantamount to Racial discrimination in recognosing their rights as Citizens the bassis on augument that is completely preposterous and when a ttempt has been systematically made not commit anything in writting and oraladvice that attempt to get redresaal would face shunting of the file back and forth between the office for decades before any redressal would take place, if any.

    The right to be treated as Citizens being denied.

    the action parallelel the medthodoloy used against the CHAGOS people in their struggle in the BIOT case.

    The insight given to me by understanding the law from their case
    has strethened our brief that ours is matter that satisfied all questions and authorties. prevedents which coukd not be operative intheir case DO BECOME APPLICABLE in ours.
    Looking forward to your reponse.

    Could you put us in contact with Mr Lester Holloway, of OBV he would be able to understand and help remove any missing links in our presentation of thematter and aklso hlep bring and mobilllizse
    the netwwork and support accroos all who stand against Institutionl Racism–it never goes away and how COVERT racist could use dicritionary power to dent the most fundametal of all rights. the sitution is also more devastating as the group were caught in sitution which was catastropic.

  2. Thanks for your post Maheta. I’d like to know more about the issue you raise… do you have links to any relevant websites?

    You can contact me on lester@obv.org.uk or call (020) 8983 5460

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