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Most read stories

Most-ReadHere are the most read stories on this blog over the past week, 7th to 12th September

1. Role models should be sought for their values, not colour (Article by James Easy on role modelling versus a strong work ethic)

2. Not in our backyard (Article by Jyoti Bhojani on the far right protest in Harrow)

3. Don’t draw a Vale over fascism (Article by Shazia Awan on the BNP’s invitation to a community festival in Wales)

4. Obama’s speech to school children (A video link to a speech by the US President to school children at the start of term)

5. London murder makes news in India (A blog about how the murder of Ekram ul-Haque in Tooting had been covered in the sub-continent)

6. Robbers in your house – how would you react? (A blog about a businessman who faces jail after assaulting a knife-weilding robber in his own home)

7. Is abortion a race issue? (Black women are three and a half times more likely to terminate their unborn)

8. Nurturing talent in Wales (An article by Alan Rees from the Welsh Assembly)

9. Leave Caster alone says Winnie (The ex-wife of Nelson Mandela comes to the defence of female athlete Caster Semenya)

10. Labour MP shows cops the red card (A blog about Dawn Butler’s stop and search ‘know your rights’ drive)

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